Topical application of Levorag as first line treatment for chronic anal fissures: a preliminary multicentric study

Giordano P., Mistrangelo M., Cracco N., D’Elia A., et al.
Minerva Chir. 2015 Oct;70(5):319-25. Epub 2015 May 27

The aim of the present study was to assess the safety and efficacy of this new topical agent as a first line treatment in patients with chronic anal fissures.

Nine centres were involved in the study. Patients with chronic anal fissures were recruited and received Levorag® for 40 days. Follow-up visits were conducted at 10, 20 and 40 days from recruitment. Primary outcome was the healing rate, secondary outcome the reduction of pain at the end of the treatment measured with a VAS scale.

Fifty patients completed the treatment. No adverse events were recorded. 60% of patients healed completely at the end of the treatment. In those that did not heal the reduction of mean VAS values was 60%.

The use of Levorag® on patients affected by chronic anal fissures achieved in the short term results similar to those experienced by more classic local treatments without any side effects.